Island Retreat and the Togian Islands


Island Retreat

Beach in front of the cottages and boat peer

Island Retreat Restaurant


Way along some cottages


Morning view from inside a cottage


bed and couch

have a break at our teahouse


if you you like a short canoe trip to explore the mangroves

roots of a mangrove tree in cristal waters


..clear even at high tide


Captain Eliel and the boats man Tom


after a relaxed day and diving it is great to watch the sunset when sitting on the peer, I promise you: you will have a coffee and homemade cockies!!


On our Island tour you will pass the Wakai Street,… sometimes


sometimes… you will find some turtles caught by fisherman, give them a 100.000 Rp., condemn the bad guy and let the creatures escape! They will never forget you!!


our new 6 t boat or its skeleton


Sylvie Manley - having negotiations with the craftsman who is building the boat

our new small long tail boat waiting for you??



sometimes nothing happens - but a single cloud is waiting above Una Una